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What is the best tenant type when looking at NNN Leases?

With so many choices available when looking at NNN investments, it can definitely be a challenge determining which tenant type of invest in. With choices including segments such as Automotive, Banks & Financial, Big Box Retail, Convenience stores, etc. the choices appear almost limitless. So how do you go about making a decision? The answer... View More

Common Questions & Answers in NNN Investing

What is considered a good cap rate? As previously discussed, your cap rate (capitalization rate) is calculated by diving your Net Operating (Income after  income by the purchase price. To put it more simply, it would be the return on your investment if you were to buy a property outright without any financing. The higher... View More

Factors in Evaluating NNN Investments

Tenant Strength: How strong is the tenant, and what is the likelihood of a default? Tenants that are publically traded companies make it easier to ask this question, and tenants that are actually rated are the easiest to evaluate in this regard. However private companies and individual franchisees are more difficult to evaluate since financial... View More

Even online stores are struggling to satisfy picky customers

When it comes to clicks versus bricks, a new report shows customer satisfaction with online shopping is actually down from last year — while supermarket customers report an increase in satisfaction. But the war isn’t won yet. The internet remains the most satisfying place to shop, though online retailers showed “signs of strain” and dropped... View More

Small Is The New Black: Nordstrom ‘Micro-Concept’ Edition

Nordstrom announced it will open its first “Nordstrom Local” in West Hollywood, California. This is a pilot concept that is much smaller than the typical Nordstrom full-line department store. Nordstrom joins a growing number of brands shrinking their footprints and once online only brands delving into the physical realm with small box stores. The downsizing... View More

Completing a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Q&A

Completing a 1031 tax deferred exchange can sometimes be overwhelming if it is your first time. Being prepared, and understanding the mechanics and rules associated with your exchange is instrumental in not only minimizing your exposure, but also in strategizing for the best results. Below are  questions and answers to hopefully provide you with the... View More

NNN, STNL, NN? What’s does it all mean, and what are the differences?

Leases can vary greatly depending on what expenses a tenant agrees to take on in additional to the based rental rate. These expenses can range anywhere from taking on utilities costs, to being responsible for absolutely all expenses. In the world of single tenant investments, the two most prominent lease structures include Double Net &... View More