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AnversNet – AnversNet, a division of Anvers Capital Partners is a full-service boutique real estate investment firm focused exclusively on buyer representation for all Single Tenant and NNN investments throughout the United States.

Why represent Buyers Only?

Navigating through the world of Single Tenant and Triple Net investments can be difficult for even the most experienced of investors and the challenge often times boils down to balancing the right amount of risk and return. As an investment firm that represents Buyer exclusively, AnversNet recognizes the value of product and market specialization, but strictly from the Buyer’s perspective We view the market through buyer’s lens- and by doing so , our expertise and focus remains exclusively and entirely on identifying the best solutions possible for our Buyers.

Our Team understand that navigating through the Single Tenant world can often times be challenging and uncertain. Given the vast array of opportunities, tenant profiles, and the multitude of risk factors associated with each investment, identifying the right deal can be overwhelming. Given this environment, our philosophy is simple: To focus solely and exclusively on buyer representation, all while ensuring unparalleled and unbiased advisory services to our clients. We offer customized solutions through an approach that is unique to each investor, and all of our tools and software (such as our tenant research portal) are developed and used with the Buyer in mind Many people believe that all Commercial Real Estate firms are all the same. We believe what separates AnversNet from the rest is not what we do, but the way we do it. Aggressive, not conservative; team-players, not one man bands; problem-solvers, not just commercial real estate practitioners.

WHY AnversNet

We understand that data is one of the key drivers within the Single Tenant submarket. Through a combination of proprietary research software advanced retail mapping software, and custom tailored Buyer tools, our team at AnversNet encompasses the single best Buyers Advisory Firm in the industry. With direct access to live data on retail trends, market shifts, area demographics, and velocity of transactions, our collection of tools and software are centered specifically on addressing the Buyer’s needs and concerns. That is what sets us Apart.

Our team at AnversNet recognizes the value of product and market specialization. As a firm focused exclusively on buyers, we view the market through the buyer’s lens without any conflict of interest. As a result, our expertise and focus remains entirely on identifying the best solutions possible for your next investment.

Through our extensive network of NNN brokers and proprietary investment identification software, we pride ourselves in the ability to filter through the thousands of potential investments in order to identify the deal that best aligns with our client’s needs. With access to both on and off market opportunities, our promise is to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the ideal investment.

Our 50-plus years of combined experience in Commercial Real Estate market coupled with our vast transactional experience across all facets of the real estate industry enables us to help clients of all sizes to obtain results that align with, or surpass, their desired outcomes. Our seasoned professionals provide hands-on representation to both owners and tenants in every capacity.

Past our experience, AnversNet is a service-oriented firm, while most of our competitors follow a traditional transaction-oriented model. We specialize in creative and personalized solutions for complex real estate requirements throughout all of our core services. Our focus is to develop lasting relationships with our clients, providing service that extends beyond the close of the deal, or end of a project.

Under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, owners of investment properties, through the use of a Qualified Intermediary, can sell one property and purchase a similar or “like-kind” property while deferring capital gains. Unlike your conventional firm, AnversNet can help facilitate your exchange, regardless of what your strategic goals, by providing you with all of the various options- conventional and unconventional- currently available.

Regardless of what your exit strategy is, AnversNet can provide you with the guidance needed to optimize your business plan. Our background in consulting and finance make us the ideal candidates for your redevelopment projects, or non-performing assets.


As a boutique commercial real estate investment firm, AnversNet maintains its competitive advantages through superior product and market knowledge, proprietary research and analysis tools, and product specialization. Regardless of what your needs are, we can help.

Buyer Advisory & Exclusive Representation 90%
Capital Markets 75%
Tenant Services 60%
Consulting 80%



Regardless of size, scope, or complexity, our firm has the ability to take on any underwriting project required by our clients. Our vast array of proprietary models and research software, coupled with our keen understanding of the capital markets, industry forecasts, and the economic landscape allows us to continually ensure timely, accurate and realistic results.


Through a collection of proprietary software, tenant research portal, advanced mapping tools, and access to live market trends and data, we provide our clients with all of the resources needed to make smart and informed decisions regarding their next investment.


Through our strategic affiliation with Peak Commercial, we have enhanced our competitive advantages both nationally and globally, with a reach of over 1,700 commercial agents companywide. This extensive network provides us with access to an investment base that is unmatched in the industry. In addition, our strategic alignment with investment banks, lenders, and private equity groups affords us the ability to fulfill any project, regardless of size and scope.




Our main office is located in Woodland Hills, California,
just off the 101 Freeway.

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