ExxonMobil has had a presence in the United States since 1870 when John D. Rockefeller and his associates formed the Standard Oil Company (Ohio), with combined facilities constituting the largest refining capacity of any single firm in the world. Today, Exxon Mobil Corporation is the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company and holds an industry-leading inventory of resources.  They are also the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and their chemical company is one of the largest in the world.

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S&P Rating: N/R
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  • Worldwide presence with high brand recognition
  • Typically located in high traffic locations
  • Typically Long term leases with increases


  • Long term effects of changing industry remain to be seen
  • Typically High Price Per Square Foot
  • Susceptible to economic trends and pressures

Market Snapshots:

On Market Ranges:

# of Properties in set: 1

Price: $4,500,000 - $4,500,000Average: $4,500,000

PPSF: $900 - $900Average: $900

Year Built: 1936 - 1936Average: 1936

CAP Rate Range: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

Size range: 5,000 sq ft - 5,000 sq ft Average: 5,000 sq ft

Last 12 Month Range:

# of Properties in set: 2

Price: $2,177,700 - $2,773,980Average: $2,592,500

PPSF: $762 - $929Average: $837

Year Built: 1936 - 1936Average: 1936

CAP Rate Range: 5.60% - 6.98%Average: 6.02%

Size range: 1,803 sq ft - 5,000 sq ft Average: 3,402 sq ft

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