BP operates as an integrated oil and gas company worldwide. It operates through three segments: Upstream, Downstream, and Rosneft. The Upstream segment engages in the oil and natural gas exploration, field development, and production; midstream transportation, storage, and processing; and marketing and trading of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), and power and natural gas liquids (NGLs). It also owns and manages crude oil and natural gas pipelines; processing facilities and export terminals; and LNG processing facilities and transportation, as well as engages in NGLs processing business.

The Downstream segment refines, manufactures, markets, transports, supplies, and trades in crude oil, petroleum, and petrochemical products and related services to wholesale and retail customers. It offers gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel; lubricants, and related products and services to the automotive, industrial, marine, and energy markets under the Castrol, BP, and Aral brands; and petrochemical products, such as purified terephthalic acid, paraxylene, acetic acid, olefins and derivatives, and specialty petrochemical products.

The Rosneft segment engages in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, as well as jet fuel, bunkering, bitumen, and lubricants activities. This segment also owns and operates 13 refineries in Russia; and approximately 2,950 retail service stations in Russia and internationally. The company also produces bioethanol and biobutanol; exports power generated from sugar cane waste to the local grid; transports hydrocarbon products through time-chartered and spot-chartered vessels; and holds interests in 14 onshore wind farms with a generation capacity of 1,452 megawatts. BP p.l.c. was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.

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S&P Rating: A-

S&P Outlook: Stable

Moody Rating: A1

Moody Outlook: Positive

Typical Lease Characteristics

Lease Term: 15 – 20 Years  Years

Lease Type: Absolute NNN Lease 

Lease Increases: 10% Every 5 years 

Lease Extensions: 4-5 (5) Year Options

Lease Guarantor: Corporate

Tenant Overview

BP as a tenant offers a great deal of stability given its size, history, and credit rating, and profitabilty.

An important consideration however has to do with the future outlook of gas stations, as electric vechicles continue to grow in market size. profitable Re-tenanting could pose a problem as these investments typically sell for a higher price per square foot.


  • Public Company, Credit Rated
  • Strong presence across the US
  • Typically Long term leases with increases


  • Long term effects of changing industry remain to be seen
  • Typically High Price Per Square Foot
  • Susceptible to economic trends and pressures

Market Snapshots:

On Market Ranges:

# of Properties in set: N/AV

Price: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

PPSF: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

Year Built: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

CAP Rate Range: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

Size range: N/AV - N/AV Average: N/AV

Last 12 Month Range:

# of Properties in set: 1

Price: $2,125,000 - $2,125,000Average: $2,125,000

PPSF: $854 - $854Average: $854

Year Built: 1997 - 1997Average: 1997

CAP Rate Range: 6.50% - 6.50%Average: 6.50%

Size range: 2,487 sq ft - 2,487 sq ft Average: 2,487 sq ft

BP Company Profile

Headquarters Information

London, United Kingdom

Founded in 1908

Company type: Public

Stock Ticker: BP

Sector: Basic Materials

Industry: Major Integrated Oil & Gas

# of Employees: 69,900

S&P Rating: A-

S&P Outlook: Stable

S&P Rating: A1

Moody Outlook: Positive

BP Stock Keys

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