Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (sometimes shortened to simply “Coffee Bean” or “The Coffee Bean”) is an American coffee chain founded in 1963. It is owned and operated by International Coffee & Tea, LLC, which has its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. As of 2016, the chain has over 1,000 self-owned and franchised stores in the United States and 29 other countries.

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Tenant Overview

Coffee Bean consists of mostly corporate locations, however do have a franchising model. Coffee beens typically have a higher price point than Starbucks, however does retain a strong brand following and loyal customer base. Typically located in strong retail corridors with high traffic counts and favorable demographics.


  • Loyal Customer Following
  • Typically located in high traffic locations
  • Typically Long term leases with increases


  • Typically low cap rates
  • Typically High Price Per Square Foot
  • Higher priced perception

Market Snapshots:

On Market Ranges:

# of Properties in set: N/AV

Price: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

PPSF: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

Year Built: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

CAP Rate Range: N/AV - N/AVAverage: N/AV

Size range: N/AV - N/AV Average: N/AV

Last 12 Month Range:

# of Properties in set: 3

Price: $2,754,810 - $3,218,780Average: $2,899,799

PPSF: $1936 - $2508Average: $2200

Year Built: 1987 - 2018Average: 2008

CAP Rate Range: 3.67% - 4.09%Average: 3.90%

Size range: 730 sq ft - 1,710 sq ft Average: 1,330 sq ft

Coffee Bean Company Profile

Headquarters Information

Los Angeles, California

Founded in 1963

Company type: Private

Sector: Services

Industry: Restaurants Retail coffee and tea

# of Employees: 12,000

S&P Rating: N/R
S&P Rating: N/R
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