Captain D’s Seafood

Captain D’s is a U.S.-based chain of fast casual restaurants specializing in seafood. Captain D’s serves a wide variety of seafood that includes freshly prepared entrees and the company’s signature hand batter dipped fish, which is freshly prepared. The restaurants also offer premium-quality grilled items such as shrimp and salmon, as well as hush puppies, desserts and freshly brewed Southern-style sweet tea.

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Parent Company: Centre Partners Management
Store Count: 526
S&P Rating: N/R
Moody Rating: N/R

Typical Lease Characteristics

Lease Term: 10-15 Years Years

Lease Type: NNN & NN

Lease Increases: 1.5% Annually

Lease Extensions: 4-5 (5) Year Options

Lease Guarantor: Corporate and Franchise

Tenant Overview

The leading fast casual seafood restaurant chain has successfully leveraged its ongoing success to propel its franchise and corporate growth, expanding its presence in communities nationwide. Throughout 2016, Captain D’s experienced a surge of franchise and corporate development, with 13 new locations opened, along with numerous development agreements signed to open additional restaurants. This ongoing growth expanded the brand’s presence in states nationwide, including Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Virginia


  • Unique Business Model
  • Loyal customer base
  • Typically Long term leases with increases


  • Relatively new brand
  • Competitive Industry Sector
  • Susceptible to economic trends and pressures

Market Snapshots:

On Market Ranges:

# of Properties in set: 2

Price: $1,565,570 - $1,943,460Average: $1,799,500

PPSF: $650 - $750Average: $707

Year Built: 2005 - 2006Average: 2005

CAP Rate Range: 5.75% - 6.57%Average: 6.25%

Size range: 2,358 sq ft - 2,600 sq ft Average: 2,479 sq ft

Last 12 Month Range:

# of Properties in set: 2

Price: $808,300 - $950,420Average: $888,241

PPSF: $302 - $407Average: $348

Year Built: 1978 - 1978Average: 1978

CAP Rate Range: 6.08% - 6.98%Average: 6.40%

Size range: 2,021 sq ft - 3,304 sq ft Average: 2,663 sq ft

Captain D’s Seafood Company Profile

Headquarters Information

Nashville, Tennessee

Founded in 1969

Company type: Private

Parent Company: Centre Partners Management

Sector: Services

Industry: Fast casual restaurant

# of Employees: 6,000

S&P Rating: N/R
S&P Rating: N/R
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