Thinking about investing in a Single Tenant (STNL) or Triple Net (NNN) Deal?


  • What are NNN and STNL properties
  • Introduction to investing in NNN properties
  • Generating passive income through a 1031 tax deferred exchange.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when investing in STNL and NNN properties

Jack Minassian & David Meir, NNN360 Properties

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Who Is AnversNet?

AnversNet, a division of Anvers Capital Partners is a full-service boutique real estate investment firm focused exclusively on buyer representation for all Single Tenant and NNN investments throughout the United States.

Why represent Buyers Only?

Navigating through the world of Single Tenant and Triple Net investments can be difficult for even the most experienced of investors and the challenge often times boils down to balancing the right amount of risk and return. As an investment firm that represents Buyer exclusively, AnversNet recognizes the value of product and market specialization, but strictly from the Buyer’s perspective We view the market through buyer’s lens- and by doing so , our expertise and focus remains exclusively and entirely on identifying the best solutions possible for our Buyers.

How do we work for you?

Not all investments are created Equal. That is why prior to each acquisition project, we begin the process by understanding our client’s needs and requirements, risk tolerance, and short and long term objectives. Once completed, we create a comprehensive buyer profile to begin the matching process with only the most appropriate investments.


With a buyer profile in hand, one of our team members will be assigned to you in sourcing all of the investments that meet your purchasing criteria. Through our extensive network of NNN brokers and proprietary investment identification software, we will provide you with numerous investments matching your profile. The moment the right investment has been identified, our team members will conduct extensive research focused around the property including tenant research, market analysis, trends forecasting, and advanced retail mapping.